The Phone Warehouse reserves the right to reject change of mind requests as outlined in the Consumer Guarantees Act. If the goods are faulty we will meet our obligations under the Consumer Guarantees Act to provide a suitable remedy.

All product returned need to be returned at the customers cost. Items must be returned with all included accessories and packaging. You must have the original receipt for a refund, without this receipt we will not refund the item or accept it into service. If an item is faulty, it will fall under our Warranty Policy as described below and will not be eligible for a refund. We do not sell used items and will not accept any item with any indication that it was used or accidentally damaged. In such cases, the item will be returned to the purchaser. A mobile phone is considered to be used if a SIM card has been inserted into the phone.

How to Cancel an Order: We only accept cancellations when the order is still in the processing state. Once the order is packed or/and shipped, the order will not be processed under any cancellation request and will be considered a change of mind request where we reserve the right to reject a return.

Order cancellation must be submitted via the “Contact Us” section of the website.

If your item is defective, faulty, or dead on arrival due to a manufacturer’s fault, The Phone Warehouse will arrange a courier pick up service for you to return the item back to us.

The customer is fully responsible for the return of any item during transit. The Phone Warehouse will not be liable for any return shipments that have been lost or damaged during transit.

If you return an item it must meet the below conditions:

  • This item is bought from The Phone Warehouse. 
  • No evidence of accidental damage or misuse.
  • You have received our authorization for your request.
  • The item is returned with a copy of your receipt/invoice.
  • The item is returned with the original packaging, in the condition you received it (including all accessories, all materials, price taps, free gift etc.)
  • The item must be returned to The Phone Warehouse within 14 calendar days after your return request is authorized.

Upon receiving your returned parcel, The Phone Warehouse will issue a refund within 20 business days.

A refund will be credited to the payment method used to place your order. When the refund is issued, you will receive a refund notification email.

A full refund or replacement can be issued, subject to the below conditions:

  • This item is bought from The Phone Warehouse.
  • You have received our authorization for your request.
  • You have returned your item with a copy of your receipt/invoice.
  • You have returned your item with the original packaging and in the condition as how you received it (including all accessories, all materials, price taps, free gift etc.)
  • The item is returned within 30 days after the request is authorized.
  • The return reason(s) is/are due to The Phone Warehouse – related issues

Further Notes on the Return Policy:

  • You must take reasonable care of the items, accessories and manufacturer’s packaging when returning them, to ensure that they are in the original and undamaged condition.
  • We reserve the right to refuse a return if we deem an item to have been mishandled.
  • If a return is deemed unacceptable and refused, the customer must pay us the return shipping fees to have the product shipped back to them.
  • If no insurance is applied, we are not responsible for any physical loss or damage of the merchandise during the transit period. We prefer, you send the item back to our warehouse with insured postage.
  • If the device could not be turned on after use, or any corner of device is damaged, it will be refused warranty.


Warranty conditions may NOT be applicable and the device may NOT be repairable if:

-The device is outside the warranty period; OR

-The device fault is not covered under warranty; OR

-There is evidence of repair or tampering by an unauthorized person.

Faults not covered under warranty include:

 -Liquid/moisture damage;

 -Physical/impact damage;

 -Power surge damage;

 -Rough handling, unreasonable use or exposure to harsh environments such as extreme temperatures, direct sunlight and excessive dust;

-Faults caused by the use of non-original accessories;

-Faults caused by system modification including but not limited to: rooting, jailbreaking and installation of custom ROMs;

-Faults caused by third-party applications;

-Faults due to normal wear and tear of the device.

Liquid/moisture damage: Liquid damage refers to any signs of corrosion that may be present in the device, on a printed circuit board, component, or user interface. In some cases, the liquid damage may not be visible to the naked eye but can be detected with the use of a professional microscope. Liquid damage causes “latent damage” to the circuitry, meaning that although the device may appear to be operational, there is internal degradation to the circuitry which may result in a later failure.  THE WARRANTY DOES NOT COVER ANY TYPE OF WATER DAMAGE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!  

Possible causes of liquid/moisture damage may include:

-Rain exposure

-Immersion in liquid

-Exposure to excessive perspiration

-Exposure to steam/excessive humidity

-Condensation (When moving from a cool or air-conditioned environment into a warmer, humid environment).

Data Loss Warning for Electronic Device Repairs : Phone Warehouse endeavors to keep the integrity of electronic data upon request, all electronic devices may irrecoverably lose some or all user software settings and data in the process of assessment and/or repair. It is the customer’s responsibility to back up data prior to booking in the device for assessment.

Phone Warehouse and independent service agents take no responsibility for data loss during the assessment and/or repair or for consequential personal or business loss including but not limited to: goodwill wasted expenditure.

Unclaimed Repairs:  All products not claimed within 2 months of being advised (by phone, text, or email) will become the property of the repairer and processed at the repairer’s discretion.



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