When buying from The Phone Warehouse Ltd online you can shop with confidence that we have sourced the top brands of the latest Smart Phone and Smartwatches at the best prices available in the market.

All the products have been thoroughly tested by the particular brand manufacture before The Phone Warehouse Ltd buys from them. But still if sometimes our customers go through some device problem The Phone Warehouse Ltd offers free support during the warranty period when purchased with us.

All devices purchased from The Phone Warehouse Ltd website comes with a 12 month standard warranty unless otherwise stated. The warranty will initiate from the date you receive the device.

Assuming that if the electronics purchase with mobile phones breaks down during the warranty period, please contact us on info@thephonewarehouse.co.nz. Mostly in these cases the issue can be resolved instantly and smoothly by our experienced technical staff. If online troubleshooting does not fix the problem you may need to return the product to us for repair.

When sending us the product for repair kindly send the device with original packaging and please pack the device carefully to protect it from getting damaged when in transit. After inspecting the device if our technical staff finds out the device is not faulty the shipping price will be charged to customers.

What is not covered under The Phone Warehouse Ltd warranty.

  1. All manufactured fault/s are covered with warranty excluding any physical damages, Sand/Dust, liquid damage, user error or any other damages.

2. Any third party software, content , links or any device with malicious virus which are not originally applied by manufacture.

  1. The product has been repaired or opened by a third party other than The Phone Warehouse Ltd.
  2. The device original batteries have been replaced with third batteries or tampered batteries.
  3. The device parts are replaced by third party parts.
  4. The device exposed to any kind of moisture, chemicals or short circuit.
  5. Loss or damage of data stored in your device.
  6. Any attempts to change or modify the software/firmware on a phone will void the warranty.
  7. Not responsible for any network relating problem. Please refer this to the respected network.

Note: Some reasons may not be stated. The Phone Warehouse Ltd has the right to take the decision to decide if the case falls under our warranty or not.

Any replaced item does not have renewal in warranty period. If we are unable to procure the same product, The Phone Warehouse will provide you with an equivalent product that matches the specifications and capabilities of the unrepairable device.

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